At Codeval we manufacture and distribute the two basic types of lightweight facades that we find on the market today: curtain wall and ventilated façade.


    Traditional wooden windows have given way to a new, more modern and energy-efficient element: aluminum windows. While a few years ago the vast majority of homes installed wood both in their doors and in their windows, in a short period of time they have replaced them with this new material.


    Gardens, terraces, balconies or porches: bioclimatic aluminum pergolas are the perfect structure for any outdoor space. Trends change, and with them the materials used in constructions or architectural elements.


Codeval aluminum.

CODEVAL ALUMINUM SL is a company created at the beginning of the 90's with a main idea, that of contributing to society its knowledge and experience acquired in the aluminum carpentry sector. And it is that the great objective of the company is none other than to add value to its customers, developing and incorporating into its catalog solutions that improve those already existing in the market due to their design, functionality, performance and commitment to the environment. environment.

Our products.

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Aluminum systems for architecture


More than half of the buildings in our country are built without adequate thermal insulation, which translates into a considerable waste of energy. Energy efficiency is one of the key factors when it comes to rehabilitating buildings or making new constructions, so architects and builders go in search of the best materials to increase said efficiency. The aluminum ventilated facades they have become your greatest ally.

To achieve a good energy certification it is necessary to install quality materials that guarantee the best performance. Aluminum has established itself in recent years as the perfect element to reduce energy consumption in buildings. This is due to its beneficial qualities of resistance, durability, malleability and its technology in thermal bridge breakage.
Alloyed with other materials such as zinc or copper, aluminum improves its mechanical properties, thus considerably increasing its useful life, improving its resistance to water and corrosion and achieving greater immunity to UVA rays. In addition, it has been shown to be an extremely versatile material in terms of design and flexibility.

Opting for an aluminum carpentry system in conjunction with glass helps to save on heating and cooling, one of the most demanded qualities when renovating facades or manufacturing new buildings.

Windows, doors, enclosures, shutters, solar protection systems ... There are many elements in a building that can increase energy efficiency if the right materials are installed. More and more people trust aluminum for the facades of their homes and all these structures, both professionals in the sector and individuals.

CODEVAL ALUMINUM, experts in aluminum structures for architecture. At CODEVAL, a company located in Valencia that offers its services throughout the national and part of the international territory, we work with aluminum with the aim of offering all our clients the best products and services.

Improve the energy performance of your building by installing aluminum facades of the best quality and thus reduce the environmental impact. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to receive advice from professionals in the sector with 20 over years of experience.


Ask us your project, we will offer the best solution


More than three decades in the sector and a long list of products on the market


We set a permanent goal that is to innovate and improve every day


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